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Joan Ramon and Mari Carme launched Escoda-Sanahuja winery in 1999, embarking on a new life project. The winery grew from their dream to create naturals wines utiliziing biodinamic agriculture. Now, the next step is Tossal Gros , a restaurant within the winery that continues the philosophy of sharing a natural approach to gastronomy, using local products.


Joan Ramón Escoda Martínez

He's not just a winemaker, he's a grassroots innovator, a radical winemaker, a sentimental husband, a stressed-out father, and an absolute anarchist ... absolute rock and roll. If you've ever tasted their wines, you've got the proof ... it's never banal.

After working as a winemaker in a large winery in Catalonia and traveling through France, he joined the movement of biodynamics and natural wine. In 1999 he started a project in the town of his wife, Prenafeta (Montblanc), in Conca de Barberà, and in 2005 he began to produce wines without added sulphites, a method that continues to this day.

He and his friend Laureano Serres founded PVN, the first natural wine association in Spain.

Every year they organize the H20, an international wine fair, which are mostly wines without added sulphites, without clarification or filtration and without stabilizers.

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Vladislav Degtyarev

I am originally from Siberia, Russia, although at the age of 34, it's worth mentioning that I have been living in Spain for 20 years, and it feels like home , but never forgetting my Nordic origins.

The beginnings of my contact with food transformation in the kitchen go back to my childhood memories when I provided intimate assistance to my mother, who worked hard to prepare and cook exquisite traditional dishes from Russian-Siberian culture.

Since then, the feeling that connected me to the kitchen and my roots has always been present. It led me to professionally train in the field of gastronomy and hospitality at the Cambrils School of Hospitality and Tourism. There, I learned the fundamentals of the profession that would lead me to continue my passion for cooking, influenced by the culinary cultural traditions of the Mediterranean. I forged myself as a professional, structuring a career immersed in the culinary world, where my hallmark is tasted in a style of cooking that blends Nordic culinary style with Mediterranean gastronomy and applies traditional and avant-garde culinary techniques, seeking balance and soul on the plate.

My professional career has taken me to work in Michelin-starred restaurants, such as Rodrigo de la Calle's Invernadero, an expert in vegetables, and to lead the culinary team that earned a Michelin star at Deliranto, alongside Chef Pep Moreno. My curiosity for the profession has also led me to share my knowledge in gastronomic restaurants with a more traditional culinary approach, like La Caleta in Tarragona, and even in restaurants with daily menus.

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