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At the restaurant we work very close to nature, designing dishes that reflect the seasons, our place in the world and all accompained by organic farming wines and with nothing added.

Natural Gastronomy

"Chef Kaya Jacobs and winemaker Joan Ramon Escoda share much of the philosophy in terms of our work in the kitchen and the vineyard, always as natural as posible."

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The Chef, Kaya Jacobs

— Tossal Gros —

Connected to the Earth

Our Cuisine

My goal as a chef is to demonstrate to people the amazing depth and richness of nature. Not only does the earth offer us an incredible bounty, but its complexity of textures, colors and flavors is breathtaking.

To achieve this goal, I keep my cooking as straightforward and natural as possible. For me techniques are important, both modern and ancient, but they are cook’s tools, and must always be at the service of the ingredients, and used without fanfare or show.

With this philosophy as a guiding principal, we use the best ingredients we can find, from as nearby as posible, with an emphasis on freshness and seasonality. We champion small farmers and artesans, as their products are superior and their practices offer a shining example of responsable stewardship of the land and its plants and animals.