Cellar Escoda-Sanahuja

Natural Wines from Organic Agriculture

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Natural processing

Work in the cellar

The philosophy of vinification follows our indispensable obligation to respect the fruits to the maximum. Use of native yeasts in the grapes for fermentation and not make any filtration, clarification and stabilization of the wine.

At present, as of the vintage 2005, we produce without sulphites added. Therefore, we define our wines as "natural wines from organic agriculture".

We have cultivated 11 hectares of olive trees, almond trees and grapevines, as well as a vegetable garden. We also enjoy our small farm with chickens, lambs and rabbits. This allows us to have our own fertilizer, without any chemical residue, fundamental detail to work the soil in a natural way.

Our vineyards are always covered with a vegetal mantle, with the aim of maintaining balanced soil, rich in humus and microorganisms. This fact also helps us to maintain the humidity, something very important in dry climates like ours.

Our Wines